Charity Donations Through The Apple iPhone

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donateWe posted a blog not that long ago about Apple’s charity record. While Apple have made efforts to improve their charitable donations in recent years they still lag behind many other companies such as Google and Sony. We have to give them credit for their recent endeavors however and this blog post will look at how a jailbroken Apple iPhone can actually increase donations to charities like ours.

As a volunteer organization we worry about the future and how we can fund certain projects. There is not a lot of financial security here and any owners of charity organizations know how difficult it can be.

Recently we have tried to expand into the Apple App Store and the Cydia App Store for jailbroken iPhone’s to strike a deal with certain app and software developers. Many other organizations do this effectively and actually manage to add in an option for users to donate money to their charity. This is not a massive amount however if every user of a particular app or piece of software for the iPhone donated $1 to our charity then we could potentially receive thousands in donations in the space of a few months.

Many owners and developers for smartphone apps including those on a jailbroken Apple iPhone 5 offer this option to donate to charity. It doesn’t require any subscription and those who donate the money don’t have to become members or anything either; it is a straightforward and safe way for people and consumers to give money to a worthwhile cause.

A simple Google search reveals how to jailbreak the iPhone 5 and we have been looking at iPhone 5 jailbreak services to appeal to these app and software developers that work on Cydia and with jailbroken iPhone’s. Some of our friends have had great success in doing this and have deals with the latest and newly released Cydia apps.

If you think about the mathematics then it can be a big advantage to have a deal like this in place. A new app is released or updated and costs $4 to download. We strike a deal whereby $1 of this is donated to our charity to feed the hungry. As this app is on Cydia there has been a lot of anticipation surrounding its release on Apple iPhone 5 jailbreaking websites and social media so it is a popular app to begin with. It receives 5000 downloads in the first weeks and months of its release meaning we get $5000 which can send volunteers to help starving people in Africa and organize events here at home. We also advertise the app through the site and the cause through Cydia.

It is a win – win situation for everyone.

Hopefully in the coming weeks and months we can announce a deal with a Cydia app developer or even through the actual Apple Store. Jailbroken Apple iPhone’s and other smartphone’s exploited by hackers seem to be more popular so we are looking in that direction for the future.

Selling an app on Cydia for a jailbroken Apple iPhone 5 and donating a small percentage to charity seems to be the future of funding organizations like ours and we hope to do this soon and get even more readers interested in the work we do.

Please help us spread the word!